Friday, April 13, 2007

Rasmussen Reports’ Election coverage has been praised for its accuracy and reliability.

Rasmussen Reports
Election 2008: Obama Grabs 6-Point Lead Over McCain
Illinois Senator Also Leads Romney by Double Digits
April 12, 2007

Democratic Senator Barack Obama
The latest Rasmussen Reports national survey of the presidential race shows Democratic Senator
Barack Obama now leading GOP Senator John McCain 48% to 42%.

The two candidates were tied 44% to 44% a
month ago and in February.
McCain continues to out-poll Obama among males and whites. But
Senator Obama, fresh from a surprisingly successful quarter of fundraising, enjoys a more dramatic advantage among women (53% to 37%) and especially blacks (70% to 21%) and other minorities. And Obama dominates 51% to 35% among unaffiliated voters--especially bad news for the GOP candidate given the declining number of voters calling themselves Republican.

November, McCain had an eight-point lead, besting Obama 47% to 39%. But Senator McCain's campaign has been hindered by his staunch support of the unpopular war in Iraq, Rudy Giuliani's ascendancy as the leading GOP contender.

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The goal of ExpertVoter is to assist voters in choosing the next president.

With the advent of YouTube, it's never been easier for the candidates to communicate with the voters. YouTube even has a project to encourage dialog with the candidates, called YouChoose.

ExpertVoter is simply an organization of candidate videos by issue.
ExpertVoter does not endorse any candidate or political party.
To the contrary, ExpertVoter makes every attempt to be politically neutral.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

National Presidential Poll 2008

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