Thursday, March 27, 2008

Democratic Convention 2008 Could Get Ugly

Democratic Convention Could Get Ugly

Kevin Rennie NOW YOU KNOW
Millions of voters got a tingle last week when they participated in presidential primaries and caucuses across the nation. The feeling among Democrats, who continue to skip to the polls in numbers that ought to worry Republicans, was especially buoyant. And why not? Their two candidates tell them they are voting for change, hope, a new beginning. No voter's done that since, let's see, the last election.

This time voters will be making history, which always adds bounce to the step. The trouble with making history is that, in politics, it usually doesn't turn out to be the sort of history you intended. All this excitement may curdle into anger and resentment when cheerful voters find out that not every vote counts the same.

Neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton will give way until one of them reaches the number of delegates needed to win the nomination at the Democratic convention in August. And when one does declare delegate victory, the other will contest the addition. MORE>>>

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